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Our Journey

As a young company, we have set high standards for ourselves from the very beginning to become a world-class manufacturer.

Therefore, we invested a lot of money in the early stage to build the most advanced production line, set up a professional team, and established strict production specifications, and introduced successful management methods. Every year we have made great progress.

We have our own 100,000 Dust-Free GMP workshop for tube, toothpaste filling, and injection molding workshop that covers a construction area of 30,000 square meters. The company has many world’s advanced production lines, automatic packaging machines,s and printing machines. The production of laminated tubes is in a leading position in China. Two fully automatic production lines are introduced from Switzerland. The total investment in the machine is more than 12 million US dollars.

It currently has 300 employees, more than 100 professional and technical personnel, and more than 30 R&D personnel.

Our Vision

To become a respectable and trustworthy leading global personal care brand manufacturer

Our Mission

GDF always pursues the most advanced manufacturing equipment and production technology to expand productivity and product quality.

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